JOIN THE T2D cruize to ninove


This year is the year, do you want to make a memorable roadtrip ? Get in contact with the boys at type two and type three detectives for more information on this roadtrip to the hometown of fastfred in belgium, where lowered aircooled madness and high po engines rulez on the weekend of 11th march 2007.


You will leave on Saturday march 10th and cross the channel to arrive in Ninove, belgium in the afternoon after an easy drive.


In the evening you will be able to make a reservation for an exquisite T2d+T3d dinner in one of ninove’s most cozy resto, hosted by some vespa-enthousiasts, preparing your food with love for a special price.


Sunday morning will be early ! The bus chapter of the event draws attention to our beloved type two’s and will give a special prize to the five best busses on the meeting ! The competition is gonna be fierce !




Saturday march 10th

‘rendez vous’ with the t2d crew at maidstone services

And receive your special t2d cruize dashplaque

Cross the channel

Evening t2d Dinner (SORRY - FULLY BOOKED)


Sunday march 11th

FREDDYFILES - THE BUS CHAPTER, a Sunday never to forget

Free tshirts for the 100 first and dashplaques 4 all !

Return to the uk together with the T2d crew ...

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