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i'm back behind my computer, and thinking of all those sweet memories of the freddyfiles 2007 show. it was a blast, i must thank everyone that helped me making this show possible, you all know who you are !

the meeting really started early this year, when 18 cars and busses arrived from the united kingdom in ninove on saturday afternoon. after the arrival, we got to the hotel and we managed to block off the city center with all those crazy cars and busses.

the evening dinner at de jonge vliegers was fabulous, and flooded with the local brewn beer named witkap, being "too strong" for some people, asking for a 'lighter beer' ...

anyway, sunday gave us alot of everything: alot of cars showed up from all corners of belgium and europe, switzerland, germany, france, the netherlands, (about 500 cars in total) alot of sunshine, and alot of bikers, with vespas, harley davidsons (with their respective club displays) and even a dax club showed up to come and watch me driving down the streets with my dax pitbike.

bob from bbt sponsored the prizes and i was able to give a fantastic prize to a fantastic car: the best of show reward went to a buggy ... because it is soooo spot on.

and surely, we must mention the two type threes, one being airbagged to the ground, and one being at normal and original driving height: the grey notch from greg, and the 15OO club member charlie that is driving home in his most original notch right now when i am typing this little text.


freddy_files_2007_060 (web) BBBBB notch


there were some parts for sale, and i guess some parts swapped owner, because i also found some really special type three parts, barrels and pistons coming from the uk, 32 PDSIT set coming from france and a brandspanking new tachowellenshalter nos in the box, coming from the netherlands...

i hope you guys all had a good time, watching and inspecting cars, having a chitchat with the local people (wink wink to the beak) and talking aircooled with the participants of the freddyfiles 2007 ! cya next year ! ffred and kobus.

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